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The Year in Review2018 was a year of ups and downs. From NIMBY battles to natural disasters, from elections to electric scooters, the stories that dominated the headlines are sure to resonate in 2019 and beyond. To cap off an eventful year, our writers and editors unpacked some of the issues we’ve been following over the past 12 months, explaining what mattered, what changed, and what to look for going forward.2018 Was...The Year Cities Trusted Amazon After 14 months, Amazon’s HQ2 hunt ended with a split decision in Washington, D.C. and New York City. What did we learn?Sarah HolderThe Year Progressive Populism Roared Back Populism was reclaimed by American progressives, as citizen-initiated ballot measures and a Poor People’s Campaign took aim at poverty and voter suppression.K.A. DildayThe Year of the Complicated Suburb The old narrative of city and suburb is dead; in 2018, the spaces outside of cities were revealed in their full complexity.Amanda Kolson HurleyThe Year of the Scooter Scooters are dorky, polarizing, dangerous, fun, and maybe even useful. They could also be the kick in the butt that cities need to demand safe streets.Andrew SmallThe Year of the Affected Generation On issues like climate change and gun violence, younger people demanded a louder voice in 2018.Nicole JavorskyThe Year 1968 Replayed Itself Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King was assassinated. But the racist housing and policing policies he was fighting are still with us.Brentin MockThe Year Some Notable Ideas Died Sam Adams, Sarah Deer, Stephen Goldsmith, Sarah Ichioka, Emeka Okereke, Rhonda Vonshay Sharpe, Katie Wells, and David Zipper weigh in.CityLabThe Year of Europe’s War on Cars From Paris to Madrid, efforts to curb the use of automobiles formed a battleground across Europe.Feargus O'SullivanThe Year of the Smart City Skeptic Companies like Google, Uber, or Facebook aren’t built to fix society. That includes cities.Laura BlissThe Year of the YIMBY A milestone upzoning plan in Minneapolis capped a year that saw pro-housing forces duel NIMBYs in cities nationwide.Kriston CappsThe Year of the Aspirational Park Private funding and high-impact design were recurring themes of parks that opened in 2018. So was the hope that parks can unite, repair, and invigorate cities.CityLab StaffTell your friends about the CityLab Daily! Forward this newsletter to someone who loves cities and encourage them to subscribe. Send your own comments, feedback, and tips to